Associating two or more files in the database

I am experimenting with a new to me use case. I wish to store .gpx files created by mapping software or GPS units that describe walks and rides. GPX files store a series of geographic points in an XML format so are difficult to interpret so I plan to also store screen shots of the routes as png or jpegs. At present I am experimenting with storing a record link in the file notes to allow me to jump from an image to the gpx file but wonder if there is a better way of selecting associated records (files) .

best wishes

Record links are fine. Or you could put each group of related files in a folder. Or, in this case, I might just drag/paste the images into the note for the .gpx file so that they all appear as one unit in EagleFiler.

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying both links and including the image as part of the note. The limitation of having the image as part of the note is that my aim is to be able to rapidly search for routes by looking at the images and storing them in the note slows the process down.

best wishes