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Attaching email messages from EF to new mail

Is it possible to attach an old email that’s filed in EF to a new message created using Mail?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “attach,” but one option would be to double-click the message in EagleFiler to open it in Mail, then click the Forward button.

Attaching emails from EF to Mail
Sometimes, when responding to someone’s email, it’s convenient to be able to “attach” other emails as reference items. At work, using Outlook, this is done by adding an “Item” (as opposed to a “file”) and prevents me from having to forward several individual emails. I found myself wanting to do that the other day at home and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I understand your suggested work around, and that is certainly do-able; but if it’s possible to pull an old email out of EF and drop it into an email that I’m creating or replying to in Mail, that’d be great.

As far as I know, the Mac mail programs do not support this. If you’re using Leopard, there’s a new “Forward as Attachment” command in Mail that will attach a single message as an attachment. Another option would be to export multiple messages from EagleFiler to a file and then attach that file to your message.