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Audio note

Is there a simple way to create an audio note in Eagle Filer? When taking notes in a meeting, I would like to use the note creation capability of EF and simultaneously record the meeting, saving both the text and audio when the meeting is finished.

You can use QuickTime Player’s File > New Audio Recording command and tell it to save into your EagleFiler library folder. When you’re done recording, choose Scan for New Files.

Here’s a way to link the audio file and note: Instead of saving the file into EF, save it to your desktop, then drag it into the note.

This solution is “simple,” but costs $40: I use Pear Note, which creates a text file that is synchronized with the audio, so you can click on the passage you’re reading and hear the audio. Totally overpriced but I find it indispensable. (MS OneNote does something similar.) Unfortunately, you can’t edit the text directly in Eaglefiler.