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Auto add to Whitelist?

I am having this oft-reported problem of large amounts of spam suddenly coming through. There is a particular new style of spam which it seems is causing the problem - the names and links change but theory are all formatted the same way. According to the Log, SS is auto-adding the senders to the Whitelist! And I can’t think why it would do this. (I have recently migrated my whole system and files to a new disk, but SS is apparently still working in Apple Mail.)

Typical log entry:

Trained: Good (Auto)
Subject: Hi from Eileen
Identifier: v5ZFupdWe9SCux8oDyIF7g==
Actions: added rule <From (address) Is Equal to "eileen_garcia@celadjuvenil.org"> to SpamSieve whitelist, added rule <From (name) Is Equal to “Eileen Garcia”> to SpamSieve whitelist

Have you followed the instructions in the FAQ? If you’ve verified that SpamSieve is predicting the spam messages to be good, you should send in a report.

This is a normal interaction between the Auto-train with incoming mail feature and the Train SpamSieve whitelist feature. It’s generally only a problem if you don’t correct all the mistakes or wait a long time before doing so.

Same problem, checked the FAQ …
SpamSieve is auto-training incorrectly. I’ve checked my setup, and I correct SpamSieve’s bad predictions promptly, but it’s still putting spam on the whitelist.

It is normal for SpamSieve to put the addresses on the whitelist. If the prediction turns out to be bad, SpamSieve will uncheck whitelist rule. Are you seeing different behavior?