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Auto delete "junk" mail so it doesn't go to iPhone

Okay, I’m not a power user. So go easy on me. Can I add a rule or script to SS that will auto delete all mail sent to the Junk Mail folder? And won’t that keep it from getting to my POP account on my iPhone?

Laura :slight_smile:

If you want actions on the Mac to affect the iPhone, you need to use IMAP rather than POP. Then, messages that SpamSieve moves to the Spam mailbox will automatically not show up in the iPhone’s inbox.

I dont’ understand how to use IMAP instead of what I use. I have a godaddy account for my business and my email is set up as POP. Can I change that?

The way to use IMAP is to go to the Accounts section of Mail’s Preferences window, create a new account, and choose IMAP. Then you would set the POP account not to check for new messages.

Unfortunately, from what I can see, GoDaddy accounts only support POP. So you would need to switch to a different Web/mail host. The vast majority of them support IMAP these days.


In order for the IMAP account to work with the iPhone, does the desk computer need to be on at all times, ie. if shut down will Spamsieve not function?

IMAP will work no matter whether the Mac or the iPhone is on. Spam filtering will only happen when your Mac is running and Mail is set to periodically check for new messages.

thank you.