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Auto-empty Spam folder in Mail after X number of days?

Hi there,

We’ve got SpamSieve working perfectly within Apple Mail on Mac OS X 10.4.11. All of our spam messages are being accurately redirected to the “Spam” folder.

However, we were curious if there is any way to have any messages in the “Spam” folder that are older than X number of days to be automatically deleted? For example, after a message has sat in the “Spam” folder for 30 days, is there any way to have this message move to the trash?

This is a feature of Entourage, and I couldn’t figure out how to do this same thing (if possible) in Mail.


Please see this page.

Hi Michael,

i just followed all the steps mentioned for this to do BUT mail here in 10.5.2 will not empty the junk folder. i have set this in the preferences to do so but it does not work.

i have an .mac-account and when i enable the junk folder i see 2 different in the sidebar of mail: 1 titled as .mac junk and 1 other titled as local…
the spam e-mails are moved now into the “local” folder but will not auto-delete as i mentioned.

any idea?

best regards,

The preferences only let you set the Mailbox Behaviors for the .Mac Junk mailbox, but I’m not sure why the rule would be moving the messages to the local Junk mailbox. Did you have a choice when setting up the SpamSieve rule?

You may need to use the Change Settings command to have the trained spam messages moved to the non-local mailbox.

Another option would be to create a dummy POP account so that Mail will let you set the Mailbox Behaviors of the local Junk (or Trash) mailboxes.