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"auto file" upon import?

I add a lot of OCRd PDFs to EagleFiler. I would like to automatically move these files into a folder based on a keyword contained in the file. For example: a PDF is imported to EF, Keyword (ie. Bank Account Number) is detected in the PDF, and the PDF is automatically filed into the <Bank Account> folder.

Smart Folders will move a file into a folder, but only after dragging a file onto the smart folder.

I’d like to avoid any manual steps so that incoming files are automatically filed away into the correct subfolder in EagleFiler. Possible?

That should be possible via AppleScript, since EagleFiler scripts can access the text content of a record and also move it to a different folder.

Or, it might be easier to use Hazel. You could have it watch a folder (that’s not in EagleFiler), and when a PDF file is saved there it could move it to the proper EagleFiler subfolder.

thanks. That works, I will use Hazel.

This may be a dumb question, but how long does it take for EF to recognize a file once it has been added to EFLibrary/Files/subfolder? Do I need to restart EF (or “Scan for New Files”) or will it see the new file eventually on its own?

It will recognize files in the subfolder the next time you open the library or when you choose Scan for New Files. You could also use a script to tell it to scan for new files, e.g.:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    tell library document "MyLibrary.eflibrary"
        scan for new files
    end tell
end tell

and this could be triggered by Hazel after it moves the files.