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Auto Forwarding

I love my inbox free of spam. I am looking at getting either an iphone or treo and want to check my email from whichever I get. Is it possible to automatically forward emails to a “dummy” email account after they have been recognized as good by spamseive?

Yes, although personally I prefer to use IMAP and have SpamSieve move the spam messages out of the IMAP inbox.

I just wanted to clarify something about using SS with IMAP. I just changed my message collection for my account from POP to IMAP without changing my SS rule in Mail.app. Does that mean that the messages that come into my Spam folder in Mail.app have been removed from the server, while the “Good” messages have been left on the server?

If the good messages are in your inbox, they’re on the server. If a rule that you created moved them to another mailbox, then it depends on whether that mailbox is on the server or local.

The spam messages are now off the server, because the Spam mailbox that you had previously created was local. If, for some reason, you want the spam to be on the server, you could create a Spam mailbox there and adjust the SpamSieve rule.