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are there any plans for auto-tagging, like the classify feature in devonthink or the auto-tagging feature in together?

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This is a feature that I’m considering for a future version. If you have any thoughts on how you’d like it to work in EagleFiler, please share them here or via e-mail.

I suppose if you made a fancy classifier that would be ideal, but since that probably isn’t a short-term project, have you considered opening up an API for this in the short term? Perhaps a user can register Python functions to be called when a record is to be auto-tagged. I’m technically inclined so it would be fun to experiment.

The user interface I’m not sure about, but there should be an option to auto-tag a new record, and a separate auto-tag function that you can apply to selections.

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That would be fun, although I think of an API as more of a second step, to augment or replace a built-in feature. I’d want to include my own classifier so that the feature is useful out of the box.