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Autoimport email as plain text files?

I saw a few old threads similar to this, but nothing exactly the same. Is it possible to set up a Mail rule to import email messages from Apple Mail into EF as plain text files while maintaining the email specific data such as a URL back to the original email, sender, to, date, etc?

You could set up a rule that runs the Import From Apple Mail script.

Thanks, but doesn’t that import them as .eml files? I can’t view those on iOS or iPadOS.

I see, so you would like the script to generate a .txt file that is more human readable (without the extraneous headers and encoded text)?


To add, I would like the imported file to have all the same information as an imported email and be displayed as such in EF, such as populating the “From” column, maintaining the unread and flagged states, having a URL back to the original email, etc. Basically behave exactly as an .eml file would in EF, but as a .txt file so it’s viewable on iOS.

I’ve added the Import From Apple Mail (Plain Text) script. You can attach this to a Mail rule to automatically import incoming messages.

Works perfectly, thank you!

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