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Autologon (from reboot) Two User Accounts???

I’m using a MacMini as a host to run SpamSieve. I’m getting intermittent kernal panics that I can’t debug that crash my system. I would like to be able to just restart my Mac and have two user accounts automatically logged in. This is easy for the primary account (mine), where I just use autologin and set mail and spamsieve to automatically launch at startup.

The problem is my wife’s account. I have Fast User switching invoked (so that SpamSieve will run in the background). Is there any macro that I can write in AppleScript or QuickKeys (or any other method) so that I can set this to launch when my primary account launches and automatically log her in?

This way, if I get a kernel panic while at work or away on business, I can just ask her to press the power button and reboot the system, and both user accounts with Mail and SpamSieve will automatically launch with nothing else needed to do, and SpamSieve will do its usual awesome job filtering our mail.

Thank you very much!!!

I’d love to be proven wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Mac OS X doesn’t support that.

Thank you
Oh well, thanks for answering. Maybe in the next Apple OS!