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Automatic email backup


I’m looking for a way to automate backup of my mailboxes. I keep my Inbox at zero (or close to). Each time I’m done with an email, I move it (using shortcuts) to its appropriate folder, stored locally. I’d like that to be saved automatically on a daily basis, either on an external drive and/or ina remote location. Could I do that using EagleFiler (maybe in conjunction with an online storage solution)? What would then be the optimal workflow? Thank you!

The EagleFiler library can be stored wherever you want, e.g. on an external drive or in a folder that’s synced to a cloud service.

You could use a rule with the Import From Apple Mail script to have each message received by Mail automatically imported into EagleFiler. This would be before you manually file them, however.

Or, depending on how you have your shortcuts set up, you could perhaps adapt them to import into the appropriate EagleFiler folder at the same time.

Another option would be to manually import the new messages at the end of the day, e.g. by finding them with a smart mailbox and then pressing the capture key.

Lastly, you could write a script that finds the appropriate messages in Mail and imports them into EagleFiler.

Thank you Michael: all of these make sense and it offers many options to try! I’ll get to it and experiment.

I am in the same boat. I file useable messages into appropriate folders.
I receive large amounts of Spam that goes into a Spam folder thanks to SpamSieve.
However the offered solutions seem cumbersome to me. I wouldn’t know how, nor do I have time to write and try scripts. Also I don’t want Spam in my backups.
Hopefully someone will undertake simplifying this important job