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Automatically delete some incoming messages to keep them out of the Spam mailbox

I recently began using SpamSieve, which has been a great success.

As recommended, I turned off my handcrafted Mail rules that supplemented Mail’s built-in Junk filtering.

I’m considering re-enabling a couple of my rules that automatically delete some messages before SpamSieve gets a chance to move them to my Spam mailbox. For example, I get 10+ messages a day addressed to “GEORGIE JOHNSON” at one of my email accounts. Although SpamSieve correctly classifies all of them as spam, they clutter my Spam mailbox, slowing down my visual scans for legitimate messages.

Is there any problem with putting carefully targeted Delete rules before the SpamSieve rule that’s currently at the beginning of my Rules list?

– Ward

It’s fine to do that. Just be careful that you don’t make such rules any broader than necessary. It’s surprisingly easy (especially when matching keywords rather than names or addresses) to make rules that accidentally delete good messages.