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Automatically delete spam

I looked at the material in Spam Sieve Help and found the instructions for “Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages.” They seem to be applicable to Tiger but not Leopard. Should there be new instructions, or am i missing something?

What makes you say that? I believe they work on both Tiger and Leopard (and probably Panther, too).

But how about Entourage???
Is there a way of doing this for Entourage?

In Entourage, choose Tools > Run Schedule > Edit Schedules and create a schedule to clear out your Junk E-mail folder automatically.

Thank you very much. I’ve just started using SpamSieve and love it. One quick dumb question. If mail is correctly being placed in the Junk Mail folder, there is no need to use the “Train Spam” script on that email, correct? It is my understanding that the only time that i now have to use “Train Spam” is on that email that is in the Uncertain Junk folder or if it is incorrectly placed in the Inbox. Correct?


Actually, SpamSieve already considers the Uncertain Junk messages to be spam, so you should only use “Train Spam” on spam messages that weren’t classified as Junk or Uncertain Junk.