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Avoid choosing a label generates a tag

Hello Michael
Using EF 1.8 and MacOS 10.12.6 I observed this:
When I choose a color label for an item, EF automatically generates a tag with the color name.
I want to avoid this, could you help me? (I have reviewed the preferences and exoteric preferences and can not find the way to do it)

Thanks in advance

It looks like there was an OS change such that when EagleFiler sets the file label, the OS now adds a Finder tag for that color, and then EagleFiler notices the tag and syncs it to EagleFiler. I’m not sure yet what should be done about this because there are certainly cases where people would want the regular Finder color tags to sync to EagleFiler

OK, I understand. I’ve checked the following: That only happens if previously to apply a color label the item is without tag. If item already have any tag, it does not happen.

As always, thanks for your help.

I’ve worked around this in EagleFiler 1.8.1.