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Awesome product, when it works. Please make setup+maintenance completely automatic.

Wow, I am spending hours trying to keep this SS drone running and I find that part of the issue is that settings are all over the place. Also setup is quite a manual process – this is reinforced by the sheer length of the users guide.

Another huge problem is that SS has no way to report if something is not working. Yes there is the log but nobody has time to sift thru the log on a daily basis.

Tweaking 3rd party software is not one of my favorite things to do – and costs my company money. I like software that is “set it and forget it”. I’ll install you and then get the hell out of my way and do what you are supposed to do, thank you very much.

Please consider making the Apple Mail setup (including drone) completely automatic (like a regular installer) and self-monitoring. The system, once installed, should be able to tell me when it’s working — and if anything is out of place.

Again, everything should be completely automatic and should. just. work.

Could you explain further what the issue is? Once it’s set up, it should stay set up, unless something is changing the preferences or interfering with Mail.

I agree that’s a good goal. It’s not possible to make the setup fully automatic, because macOS’s security protections prevent an installer from automating certain of the steps. However, I’m working on streamlining the process as much as possible. Nearly each new version of SpamSieve has included more automated checks where it can detect that something in the setup is wrong and tell you how to fix it (or fix it automatically, where possible), and I plan to add more of these.