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Background images disappear 3.0.2

Just installed the update and now the layout which included a background image, the applications folder, and the program icon placeholder results in the final dmg without the background image.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the layout. The yellow “Drag to…” does not appear in the final dmg.

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I’ve not heard any other reports of that problem, so it would help if you could provide some more information. Which version of Mac OS X are you using to create the disk image? Which version are you using to view it? Does the problem occur with other background image files?

I did not see an attachment. Are the icons in the correct position?

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I think the reason some of your icons aren’t being positioned is that the filename is changing. DropDMG only sets the positions of icons whose filenames match those in the layout. Any additional icons will appear in the default location, which is probably the upper left of the window.

I’m not sure why the background would be different for one compared with the others. Which version of Mac OS X are you using to create the disk image? Which version are you using to view it? Does the problem occur with other background image files?

Similar problem here
I am having a similar problem here. I have two items I want to create disk images for. In order to keep the programs separate for now (one is a beta and the other a release) I have the naming for the application folders named:


product 2

As with Drop DMG, I have a background image, the product (folder in my case) and the shortcut to the application folder. In the first dmg, all works fine. The product folder is properly placed, the application folder shortcut appears, and the background image appears in the disk image. For the second disk image, I created a separate layout (tried one based on the first and another time created from scratch) with the same background image, the application folder shortcut, and the product 2 folder. All is processed correctly but when I open the disk image, no background image is displayed. I tried renaming the background image an re-linking but no luck. I am on 10.6.4 with drop dmg version 3.0.2.

If you change the font or icon size for “calico 2” is that reflected in the disk image? If you look for invisible files (e.g. using “ls -a” in Terminal) do you see the background picture folder on the disk image?

Question 1) Yes the icon size changes.
Question 2) My background image is not listed in the files (even as a hidden file) but your image is included as “.DropDMGBackground” In the design that works, my background image is listed as a hidden file.

I’m not sure that I understand the distinction you’re making between “my background image” and “your image.” The background image that you added to the layout should always be copied into an invisible “.DropDMGBackground” folder.

I assumed .DropDMGBackround was a hidden image without a filename extension and not a folder. I didn’t look inside the hidden folder. On the instance where it worked, there was no such folder but instead there was my image as a hidden file ( e.g. .myBackgroundImage.jpg - I don’t recall the exact name but it was the name of my background image).

That doesn’t make sense. Can you check to be sure? How did “.myBackgroundImage.jpg” get there? It shouldn’t be in your source folder at all. And if there is no “.DropDMGBackround” folder, that means DropDMG didn’t set the background image, so I don’t see how it could have worked.

Hmmm, I wonder if I opened an old dmg. I deleted all the disk images and created a new one. You are right. My background image is saved in the .DropDMGBackground folder and the disk image is correct (on 10.6).

Working now…
As noted above, the dmg for version 2 of my program was not showing the background. For the life of me, I don’t know why this worked but it did.

I made a new dmg with version 2 of my program, checked the files via terminal and the background file was in the hidden .DropDMGBackground folder. However, the background image was not displayed. Rather than upload a large dmg file for you to look at, I removed my application from the disk image source folder and re-made the disk image. On opening the new disk image, the background was there. So I deleted the disk image, put the application file back in the source folder and re-made the disk image. Viola’… the background is now there as are all the files.

Don’t know what has changed but maybe this can help someone should they experience the same issues.

I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for the update.