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Batch change of tags

A request, please.

Is it possible to have the default of the batch change dialogue (Record|Batch change…) as “Append” rather than “Replace”? Or at least to have the last selection remain sticky?

I use a lot of Tags and it is really easy to wipeout all the existing tags when intending to Append a new one, but forgetting to click the “Append” option. The result of this error can be a ton of work finding all the records and having to recreate all the erased tags. At least with Append as the default, it is much simpler to fix dialogue option forgetfulness. No prizes for guessing how I found out!


Sure, I can make it remember the previous state.

Did you try Undo?

Thanks for the quick reply and positive response.

“Undo” and I are old friends already, thanks. Some errors with the option selection I did not notice immediately.

EagleFiler 1.8.8 will remember the last selection.

Excellent. Many thanks Michael.