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Battery icon for Magic Trackpad stays full

Hello. I’m having an issue where the battery icon stays full for my Magic Trackpad (latest Space Gray model), despite the battery percentage being at 56%. By comparison, my Magic Keyboard (Space Gray with Numeric Keypad) is at 68% and the icon does show as partially empty. Both devices in Bluetooth in System Preferences are showing properly.

This is with the latest ToothFairy, 2.5. I believe I started noticing this issue after I updated to the latest Mojave, 10.14.5.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the report. Could you please send me some screenshots and a diagnostic report so that I can look into this?

I can’t send you the screenshot as I was able to solve the problem by plugging the trackpad into USB and then unplugging it again. After unplugging, the battery icon was working properly. I can send you the diagnostic report as I took one while I was still having the problem.