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beginner questions

Hi !

after trying DTP for a while, i decided to use EF instead, that i just purchased.
So i have some beginner questions ! :

  • Aren’t the different libraries visible and accessible in the sidebar, but only in tabs or windows ?
    I was surprised not being able to navigate them in the sidebar.

  • Is there a Global inbox, as in DTP ? If no, there isn’t the concept of “inbox”, in EF ?

  • I created a library called “notes”, is it a problem, as each library has already an automatic folder created and called “notes” ?

  • Something i liked was the ability to “index-only” a folder : i didn’t see this option. I have a big folder with videos in it, i don’t know if it is ok to import it (instead of index) in EF ?

  • Is there a way to write a quick note from anywhere into EF ?

  • I read in the forum that i can “select the items in DEVONthink and press EagleFiler’s capture key” to import files from DTP.
    Is it ok to to do that although the different files are so scattered in many folders and subfolders in DTP ?

  • I don’t know yet if i want to encrypt this or that library, can i do that later ? (i guess i can imagine the answer !)

  • I tried to import pinboard bookmarks, but that didn’t worked, nothing happened. I think there is a problem in the export format from pinboard (makes a txt file instead of html. But If i manage this, how to make them import or convert into webarchive ?

I apologize for all these questions !


Currently, each library is in its own window or tab. I’m considering adding support for multiple libraries in the same window.

Each EagleFiler library has its own “inbox,” which is called “Unfiled.” Files are always imported into a particular library, either the one that’s active when you initiate the import or one that you choose (if you import with the Option key or save a file directly into a different library).

That’s fine because all the files/folders in the library go inside the Files folder, which does not contain the built-in Notes folder.

Files in the library need to actually be in the library’s folder. However, you can import the files by moving them instead of copying, so that you don’t have to duplicate any large files.

Yes, there is a hotkey for that.

If you want to preserve the folder structure, you should only select the top-level folder(s) that you want to import.

Yes, if you later want to encrypt a library, you could create an empty encrypted library and then move over the old library’s Files folder.

If you click Pinboard’s “➔ HTML (legacy Netscape format almost everyone can read)” link, it may save a .txt file, but it contains HTML, and the Import Bookmarks command should let you select it. (It just worked for me.) It will use whichever format you’ve chosen in the preferences.

Thank you very much for ALL these answers!
Ok for the “multiple libraries”.
I don’t have a folder called “Unfiled” but “Enregistrements”, for “Records” as i see in the screenshots.
But i have a smart folder “Non classé” for “Unfiled”, it must be what you talk about.

Something i don’t understand: when i select a folder, and then click “Import Files” in the File menu, and pick something to import, it’s imported in “Records”, not in the folder selected ?

Even if i create a folder called “Notes” in my “Notes” library ?! :wink: (real question!)

Yes i saw juste after sending my questions, about the quick note, sorry. Nice.
Is it a way to make it plain text by default ?
By the way a popclip extension would be so great !

Absolutely nothing happens when i do this…! (I tried with “Skip URLs that are already in the library” checked and unchecked, and i tried with changing the .txt file name in .html)

Thank you again.

Yes, Records shows everything, but the Unfiled smart folder only shows the records that are not in a folder yet.

Currently, it’s designed to always import into the top level. If you want to import into a specific folder you could import by dragging and dropping into that folder or hold down the Option key when dropping onto the Dock icon or capturing.

Yes, folders can be named whatever you want.

It should remember the format that you choose, so once you create a plain text it will stay plain text until you change it again.

I will look into that; thanks.

Have you tried importing other bookmarks files, e.g. exported from Safari? If you would like to send me the Pinboard file I could try it here and see if there’s something unusual about the format.

Thank You again.

It worked! Great.

I tried something: I copied and paste the 150 first items on another txt document, and it worked, EF imported them.
So maybe the original file (about 1700 bookmarks) is too big ?
I could try something else: as i already have almost all the bookmarks in DTP, i could try to import them from there. I don’t like that idea really much, but i could try.

I don’t think so, as I’ve tested it with many more than that, and the bookmark file still wouldn’t be that large.

I tried gradually to continue my import from DTP into EF.
But i immediately had issues :
When i select a folder to import, in DTP, and press F1, EF doesn’t import all the docs, only part of them. Quite randomly (?) !
And it sometimes warns me about “duplicates” about files that aren’t duplicates at all (the names’s files are different !!)
And, i’m not sure, but these clamed “duplicates” doesn’t seem to be imported (= is it only a warning, and EF duplicates them, or EF really doesn’t duplicates them ?)

So quite difficult to know how to move the data. :confused:

By the way, i miss the little indicator showing how much files in each fonder, would be practical to check the migration. (even if each time i press F1, EagleFiler adds a “DEVONtech_storage” file…)
Thank you for your help !

I’m not seeing that problem here. Perhaps you could send me some screenshots (or a small sample DTP database) via e-mail so that I can investigate further.

EagleFiler considers files to be duplicates if they have the exact same contents, even if the names are different. Duplicated files are not imported unless you check the Allow duplicate files in library preference.

I’m considering adding a feature like that. Right now you can see the count for one folder at a time in the window’s title bar.

This will be addressed in the next version of EagleFiler.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.8.

Here you go.