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Benefits of upgrading to Leopard?

Hi Michael,

When I was researching my most recent issue in the EF forums, I saw some posts here and there about differences in EF’s behavior when running in Leopard versus Tiger. I am still sitting on whether or not this is the time to upgrade to Leopard, so it would help to have a list or something of what additional functionality I would get (or lose!) from EF if I upgraded to Leopard.


Upgrading to Leopard is all gains, I think:

  • Create and edit smart folders.
  • Preview files using Quick Look.
  • Generally faster performance, as there are some better APIs that EagleFiler can take advantage of.
  • Drag and drop text onto the Dock menu.
  • Display Word 2007 and OpenDocument Text files.
  • 256-bit (vs. 128-bit) encryption.
  • Store encrypted libraries in the more efficient sparse bundle format.
  • Optionally view messages in Entourage.
  • Single-click editing in table and outline views.

Thanks Michael.

To be honest, I would have upgraded already, but I spend a lot of time remoting into my MacBook from work, and I have heard (and witnessed) that all the “eye candy” that must be drawn for Leopard renders remoting in virtually worthless. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn off all of that flashy stuff in order to speed up the performance on remoting in. So, I may be stuck here for a while until that gets sorted out (unless you have something you can suggest). But good to know that I have goodies in EF waiting for me when I get there! :slight_smile:

  • Robin

It should be much faster if you set your client to limit the number of colors. I think that’s possible with VNC—not sure about other software.

Not so much. I’ve seen a VNC session into Leopard on only 256 colors, and it’s still awful. Oh well.