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Best practice for saving a revised copy

I use Nisus Writer Pro with a document that is in my EF library. The original document is “doc_a”. When I start a revision, I want to call it “doc_b”. What is the best way of doing this while retaining doc_a in the Library?

Right now I “save as doc_b” into the EF library; “Reveal” the original document; drag “doc_b” onto the desktop; and then drag back into the EF browser window.

Is there a better way?


Probably the easiest way would be to use the Duplicate Records script to make a copy of doc_a in the library, rename the copy to doc_b, then double-click to edit it in Nisus Writer Pro.

Another way would be to Save As from Nisus Writer Pro into EagleFiler’s “To Import” folder. You would then need to close the window in Nisus Writer Pro and double-click the doc_b in the library to open it.

Thanks, Michael! The script worked better for me when I added “container theContainer” to the end of the import statement.

Then the duplicate appears in the browser window which shows the original folder, and I can rename the duplicate in EF.


Yep, that should have been there all along. Thanks! I’ve updated the script.