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Best way to always handle emails as individual files

I use EagleFiler primarily to manage files associated with client projects. I’m now trying to better incorporate emails as well.

My typical workflow is to occasionally search my (Apple) Mail archives and add the results to a specific client folder in my Projects EF library. I’ve noticed that selecting a number of messages in Mail and hitting the Capture key creates a single root-level Mailbox in EF. I’m not sure how I feel about this, yet.

Also, while I can drag a single message to EF and have it create an .eml file in the target folder, dragging multiple messages doesn’t seem to work at all.

I’m looking for the easiest way to move multiple selected email messages from Mail.app to EF as individual files in a specific folder. Any hints?

If you press the Capture With Options key you can choose to import the mailbox at another location.

You have to import them as a mailbox, but once in EagleFiler you can drag all the messages out of the mailbox and into a folder.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been dragging them out of mailboxes as you suggest. It’s only a small extra step and not really a problem at all.