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Best way to handle "retired" EF libraries

I have a number of projects that have long been completed, for which I used Eaglefiler. These still turn up as possible libraries to open, of course, when I right click the icon. I’d like to eliminate that visual clutter, to focus on “live” projects.

Would it make sense to delete the Eaglefiler library for each of those retired projects, effectively reverting them to ordinary files? Or would I lose useful metadata, such as tags? I was thinking that, should the need arise, I could always rebuild a library–but am I missing a downside?

(I do have an “archive” EF library, but it’s for smaller bits of information used in writing a blog, and email. I’d like to keep the big research projects as self-contained projects.)

If you delete the EagleFiler files, you could always create a new library and re-import the library folder to rebuild the tags and other metadata. However, personally I would leave the library as-is and use File > Open Recent > Clear Menu if I didn’t want that library to show up in the list.

Thanks for the tip …