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Beta fixed the problem with training as bad, but only for a day

I’m on a MacBook Pro running 12.1. Some weeks or even months ago SpamSieve got lazy. Training as ‘good’ moved a message to the inbox, but training as ‘bad’ did nothing. The spam just sat there blowing raspberries at me. I checked the corpus and white and black list and couldn’t see the problem. So I finally checked here and saw that the most recent beta would do the trick.

And it did. I was thrilled. The Norton Software Spam Masters were gone!.

But today, we’re back to the nope-not-moving mode. Any thoughts? Suggestions?Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Which mail program are you using? Which mail host?

Which mailbox is the message in when you train it as spam? Does it change color when you train it?

A problem related to the mail client is not going to show up in one of the windows in SpamSieve.

I’m not sure what you are referring to here. The current beta has no changes related to moving messages when training.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I use Apple Mail.
I have tried training as spam from multiple mailboxes attached to different email addresses.

In the icloud mailbox if I try to train an incoming email as spam, nothing happens. It goes nowhere. No colors change.
The same is true when I try to train incoming mail from the google mail account.
I have email addresses from my business accounts, and there’s an inbox for each of them. So for example apples@mysite.com and peaches@mysite.com
For both those accounts, when I try to train as spam, it works. The spam email disappears to whatever it’s supposed to go.
It also seems to be working with messages that come into smart mailboxes.

So the primary problem is that the two email addresses that get the most traffic (and spam) are the ones where training as spam does nothing.

Finally: I came to the forum to see if other people might be having the same problem, and I found a couple right away (training as good works, training as spam doesn’t). In both cases I read about (and forgive me, but I can’t find the discussion threads right now) someone said that there was a known bug, but it was fixed in the most recent beta. The person suggested signing up for the betas (with the usual warnings) to see if that would solve the problem.

And it did solve the problem, but the next day the same problem as back, for the iCloud and Google mail accounts.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Is the message in the iCloud account’s inbox or in another mailbox in that account?

If you look in Mail’s Mailbox Behaviors preferences for that account, is the Junk mailbox configured to be on the server or under On My Mac?

To investigate this further, you could also enable some debug logging. Please click this link. After relaunching Mail and SpamSieve, try training one of those messages as spam. Then send me a diagnostic report.

For example, if you found this thread it was talking about the SpamSieve 2.9.47 beta, which concluded when that version shipped in December. The current beta for SpamSieve 2.9.48 does not include any changes for Train as Spam. So if you saw the problem get better and then get worse again (without changing the SpamSieve version) it’s probably related to Mail or a server issue, not SpamSieve.