BitDefender VPN and SpamSieve Issue?

For a short time, I used the AdBlock VPN, but after a few issues, I switched to the BitDefender VPN. I had no issues with SpamSieve before or after using the AdBlock VPN but now it seems as though BitDefender and SpanSieve don’t like each other. Instead of colored backgrounds in my Junk folder for my main account, I see brown text on a white background. On another account, I see black text on a colored background. According to the help manual, brown text on a white background means I’m using the Mail extension, while black text on a colored background means I’m using the Mail plug-in. But I’m not using the Mail plug-in - I’m using the Mail Extension.

I also seem to be having issues with BitDefender marking good messages as “Spam” and I don’t know how to deal with that. I could use some help figuring this out.

I’m running Ventura 13.2.1 on a Mac mini and have been using SpamSieve for at least 5 years with no issues. I had no idea that a VPN would mess with my email but I guess it does.

Brown text on a white background means that the messages were moved to Junk by a server filter, a non-SpamSieve Mail rule, or another Mac. It’s probably BitDefender doing this.

Black text on a colored background probably does indicate that SpamSieve’s Mail plug-in is loaded.

Perhaps you have the plug-in installed (from a previous version) even though you have the Mail extension selected in SpamSieve’s settings? This is not a problem, but if you wanted to check you could see whether the SpamSieve menu commands appear in the Message menu in Mail.

With only the Mail extension installed, you would normally see brown text on a colored background:

A VPN should not affect your e-mail or SpamSieve at all. However, it sounds like Bitdefender also has its own spam filter. Maybe you can turn off its antispam module if it’s misbehaving.

I’ve reached out to BitDefender customer support to see how to turn off their anti-spam program. So far, no response. I’ve seen on the web complaints about poor customer service from BitDefender, which is why I want to stick with SpamSieve. Apparently when I upgraded my plan from Total Security to Premium Security, the spam filter was included in the package. I hope they respond to my query or just turn it off. There isn’t an option anywhere I can find to even look at the program, much less disable it. Sigh …

I gave up on BitDefender and installed NordVPN. It does not have an email filter and I hope that I will be able to get my old SpamSieve back again. Time will tell but if there are any issues, I am sure I can figure it out. BitDefender VPN is a hot mess - I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Their tech support is abysmal - it was a very frustrating experience.

BitDefender is a nightmare!! I uninstalled it yesterday at 7:45 p.m. and installed NordVPN. However, I’m still getting what appear to be messages filtered by BitDefender, as they have SPAM before the subject. Uninstalling it also did not return SpamSieve’s colors for determining how spammy a message is. Interestingly, my other email account has not been affected by BitDefender. I see colored messages there and they do not have SPAM at the beginning of the subject line.

It almost seems as though BitDefender installed a piece of malicious software on my computer that uninstalling the program did not remove. In addition, I now see ads for BitDefender on YouTube webpages (with NordVPN installed and the adblocker turned on!!) that have nothing to do with the program.

I don’t know what to do to try to solve this. Uninstall SpamSieve, download a new copy and reinstall it?

What a nightmare!!! Thanks for any ideas.

I don’t know how to remove BitDefender, but reinstalling SpamSieve is not going to affect that.

I think I found the problem. My hosting provider turned on Spam Assassin without my permission. I’ve turned it off and now SpamSieve is behaving like it used to. Maybe I’ll go back to BitDefender… They sure weren’t helpful - they didn’t have a clue.

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