Black-border spam evades SpamSieve detection

I’ve noticed in recent months that spammers are sending email with the entire body surrounded by a black border. Whatever the reason is, this style of message frequently evades SpamSieve filtering.

Sonoma 14.2.1

Please flag the messages in SpamSieve’s Log window and drag and drop them to Finder to export them. You can then use the File ‣ Compress command to create a ZIP archive of the spam messages.

Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file as well as the archive of messages.

Thanks for sending the report. I don’t really see anything unusual about these messages that would make them evade detection. They seem to be getting through because of the particular training on your Mac. It would probably help to choose Reset Corpus… from the File menu, then re-train SpamSieve with a smaller number of recent messages.

Will do. Thanks.

The messages that are only images will evade detection. Maybe everything within the black box is an image.

SpamSieve can usually catch those just fine. If that’s not happening for you, please send in a diagnostic report.

These particular messages had text, not images, within the black box.

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