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Black Hole

I have tried several times to use your system to eliminate garbage emails. What a convoluted mess of procedures - none of which work here. I now have valid emails marked with SPAM , SPAM marked emails in my inbox, garbage emails not being touched, etc etc!

I have a very simple suggestion I’d like to see you provide - here’s the description and probably all you would need to tell how to do: Create a “Black Hole” folder to drag an email to and NEVER see it or a clone again! Simple as that!

If you mean that the e-mail says ***Spam*** in its subject, that is not related to SpamSieve. It’s probably due to your mail server’s junk filter.

In most cases, it should be sufficient to select the message and choose Train as Spam.

But it sounds like something isn’t set up properly on your Mac, so I recommend checking the setup or sending in a diagnostic report so that I can help you check it.