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Blacklist rules

Thanks a bunch for the quick reply to my previous query.

So much junk email is repetitive, and I guess millions of people get the same junk as everybody else, every day. I’ve always wondered if there’s a non-profit or commercial service that compiles blacklist rules for whatever kind of junk mail is currently going around. Ideally, I’d be able to download blacklist rules to my junk email filter and update them periodically. It seems like that would improve overall accuracy of junk identification quite a lot.

I’ve never seen such a service. If it exists, I imagine SpamSieve doesn’t have this capability anyway. But I’m curious and would like to understand better.

If anyone knows anything about this, I’d be interested to learn.



Most spam can’t be caught by blacklist rules, and content-based blacklist rules are dangerous because they can very easily match legitimate messages by accident. SpamSieve’s statistical spam filtering methods were a reaction to this problem of blacklists not working satisfactorily.

Who would’a guessed? Ya learn something new every day.