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Blank spam + Joe Job suggestions..

I’m seeing an increase of two types of spam; and I’m not sure how to deal with either.

First, I’m suddenly (over the last 48 hours) getting a bunch of emails, with no subject nor body. I have no idea how to build a rule (in spamsieve or Mail (3.3) to auto send these to trash. Each time, it’s a different sender. If you want, I’d be more than happy to share several of the headers of such emails.

The second problem, is that I’m getting ‘bouncebacks’ or requests for verifications from other people - it’s clear that a spammer is using my name as the return address. I’m aware of what they’re doing - and I know that these return emails (asking verification, etc.) aren’t truly spam. Except of course, they’re cluttering my inbox.




Choose Filter > Add Rule, click Blocklist, and setup the rule as:

Subject Is Equal to <SpamSieve-Unknown-Subject>

It’s up to you, but I train the spammy bouncebacks as spam, and this allows SpamSieve to get rid of most of them.

Thanks Michael!