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Block a sender and notify the sender their email was blocked

Good Evening:
I have an iMAC Catalina OS. I am using Spamsieve version 2.9.39 with Outlook for the Mac Version 16.35. All I want to do is block a senders email address and notify them it has been blocked. Is there anyway to do this?

Any and all suggestion are welcome.

Mark K.

Could you describe the situation a bit more? If the messages are spam, training them as spam will make SpamSieve treat all future messages from that address as spam. I do not recommend replying back to actual spam messages.

If the messages are unwanted but not spam, I don’t recommend training them as spam, but you could easily create a rule in Outlook that deletes messages from that sender address and replies back to the sender.

Thanks for your reply. I want the sender to know/think that their message was blocked .

It should be straightforward to create an Outlook rule to auto-reply to that effect. However, I don’t know whether that will convince the sender. A reply sent from Outlook is not going to look like a rejection message from the mail server. My advice is simply to ignore or delete the unwanted messages.