Block Domains and Delete Them

What I want to accomplish is to block domains via blocklist and have spamsieve automatically delete them, so they do not go to junk or trash. I want to make sure that they are being blocked.

I have created entries in the spamsieve window blocklist. See attached.
I have created a blocklist rule in Mail. Note that the “delete” seems to supersede the other actions no matter what I try. This is not working everything I set up on the blocklist is still going to Junk or Trash. See attached.
I have the other spamsieve options checked. See attached.

What do I need to have set up in the blocklist and or spamsieve to accomplish the request above? I believe I may have too many options enabled, or incorrectly configured.

Thank you.

The Block Sender and SpamSieve rules should be deleted.

There should be a SpamSieve [Blue] rule just above the SpamSieve [Spam] rule to handle the messages caught by the blocklist.

Which version of macOS are you using?

Using MacOs Monterey Version 12.7.4. Unable to update the OS due to an older iMac that will be replaced after I move.

Please advise if I have this correct before I alter or delete the rules:

Thank you.

It looks like you made other changes than what I suggested. The Rescue Good Messages SpamSieve rule should be active and at the top. The second rule should be SpamSieve [Score], and it needs to be active, too. Each rule should only have one action.

If you have Mail set to delete spam messages before you see them, you should periodically review SpamSieve’s Log window to see whether there are any messages that you need to train as good.

I made the changes as such because there were no instructions to keep the other rules I attached included.

So I now have:

Rescue Good Messages
SpamSieve [Score]
SpamSieve [Blue]
SpamSieve [Spam]

Are these in the correct order?


Each rule should only have one action? If I understand your statement correctly,

then the following questions:

should Score Rule have Delete Message?
should Blue Rule "
Spam Rule only has the option of move message to trash, delete message

Are these correct?


I am familiar with the Log Window and I will check it to see whether there are any messages I need to train as good.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.


No, that should be set to move the message to All Junk.

You should pick one or the other.

ok, I will work within those settings. Thank you.