Blocked email addresses are still going into junk

I set up mail according to this

but blocked email addresses still go into Junk instead of Trash.

I think it is because they are not coded as blue and I don’t know how to correct that.

If they are not colored, they are not being processed by SpamSieve. Perhaps this is because you have a server junk filter that moved them to Junk before they got to your Mac. If you want SpamSieve to reprocess those messages, you can do that via this script and there are options there to move certain colors to the trash.

I don’t think so. They come in to my inbox. I block them and indicate to train them as spam. They go into junk. Subsequent messages from that address also go into junk. That part works ok but they don’t get color coded and put in Trash and I don’t know why. Is marking them as Spam the problem?

My rules look like this:

Something works. I just got an email from my mail server which was coded blue and went into Trash. It wasn’t blocked or marked as Spam.

No. Like I said, if they are going to Junk but are not color coded, that is probably because of a server junk filter. You could check the log to confirm that there is no Predicted entry from SpamSieve.

The log only shows today but I looked in Trash and found some items that were there and coded Blue. They had previously been trained as Spam but not blocked. I need to play with this. It is possible that blocking and then training as Spam could be causing the problem but I don’t know. I’m going to try blocking somebody and not doing anything else to see what happens.

That’s the problem. I blocked my wife but didn’t train her as Spam. A test email went directly to Trash. It still wasn’t blue but it worked. I’ll have to monitor this for a while.

I may have spoken too soon. Here is the log entry:

Predicted: Good (1)

I checked my mail settings and somehow “Enable Junk mail filtering” was turned on. This must have happened in an update because I used to have it turned off. Now I will have to track what happens going forward.

What do you mean by “blocking” here? I do not recommend using the Enable blocked mail filtering feature in Mail.