Blocked senders still delivering to Junk

Longtime SpamSieve user, first-time poster. :slight_smile:

So I rarely got spam on my iCloud account until very recently. All spam comes from a newsletter@domain (one of five domains) and I’ve blocked the contact. However, because Apple controls the iCloud “Junk” folder, it still gets delivered.

Is there any way to have SpamSieve evaluate items that get delivered to the Spam folder? I remember that I used to be able to highlight the items and choose “Message → SpamSieve - Train as Spam” but that doesn’t do anything anymore.

Thank you kindly!

I’m not sure I understand your question. You are asking about the Spam folder but above say that the messages are delivered to the Junk folder? Which one do you have SpamSieve set up to use?

Sorry, I have the dumb today.

These items are being delivered to my iCloud account’s Junk mail folder (there’s nothing I can do to turn that off; iCloud still delivers that even if I have it disabled). I’d love to be able to run SpamSieve on items that are delivered to my iCloud Junk mail folder.

That’s because there’s no setting to disable it. (The setting in Apple Mail controls the local junk filter on your Mac.)

You can do that via the rescue setup.

If I understand you properly, you want mail sent by apple to the junk mail folder to be processed by spamsieve. I had the same problem and the answer I was given here that works is to set up “TrainSpam” folders and then assign those folders to be your Junk folder for each account in apple mail. That way, apple will send the junk to your TrainSpam, and Spamsieve will periodically process them and learn from them. Essentially you create a new folder, call it TrainSpam, under mailbox behaviors in mail preferences you designate this folder to by your junk folder.

I really do not recommend doing that. It will overtrain SpamSieve and may also teach the iCloud filter that the spam messages are not spam. Instead, use the rescue setup.