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blocking all emails from a certain domain name?

I have a form that uses a php script. this script can/seems to be submit to by robots or bogus people so I get spam like:


now, I cannot disable the form and fear that training SS to see these as spam will go against the filters I have to watch for the subject line (WEBSITE INQUIRY) of those legit form submitted emails and toss them in the trash.

so, I was wondering if I can set up a block list rule that just blocks the catch all domain name for an entire domains email address?

in this case, I want to block and toss into the trash anything that comes from:


If you don’t want SpamSieve to learn from these messages, it’s best to block them before it sees them. So you could create a rule in your mail program, above the SpamSieve rule, that moves messages from this domain to the trash.

If I were to highlight these, and then “Train Spam”, would it not contradict/mess up the rules I have that see those legit messages (based on Subject line) and turn them the color I like and keep them in my inbox?

Yes. That’s why I suggested that you setup a rule in your mail program so that these messages bypass SpamSieve. Then you won’t need to train them, either.

would you know the best way to set up that Rule in Entourage?

not sure best way to capture all derivations of names possible in the emails address from a certain domain using the Entourage Rules.

Try something like:

From Ends with @linhost280.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net

I see no such drop down option in Entourage rules to do

If… “From Ends with”

They’re called pop-up menus. Here’s what it looks like on my Mac using Entourage 2008. Which version of Entourage do you have?

Drop down… pop up… we are talking about the same thing it seems.

and my bad… I do now see the option… duh

thanks so much, I will give that a try and move it above the SS rules.

that worked perfect, now anything from that domain is dumped right into the trizzash