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Blocking good messages

I am using version 2.9.5. All of a sudden, the program is blocking incoming messages that I have trained as Good! When I check the Whitelist, it is there; I have removed all listings in the Blocklist that have the company marked as Spam. Every time I train messages from this company as good, they are immediately sent to Spam and marked as Junk. How can I train the program to allow these messages to remain in my Inbox?

Forgot to mention
I’m using MSOutlook 2011 on an exchange server

My guess is that SpamSieve is not what’s blocking the messages. I suggest that you check the log to see whether SpamSieve is actually predicting these messages to be spam. (If it is, the log will say why.)

Are the relevant whitelist rules enabled (checked)?

That’s unnecessary since the whitelist has precedence over the blocklist.

SpamSieve remembers all the messages that you train it with, so it will never classify a message as spam if you’ve previously trained that same message as good. So, again, this behavior leads me to think that it’s not SpamSieve doing this. Perhaps a junk mail filter on your mail server is involved. Or do you have any other rules (or Mailing List Manager rules) in Outlook that move messages to the Spam folder?