Blocking Spam by Server, or Subject Line?

SpamSieve has done a great job at blocking a good amount of spam. My question is that I am having to look at around 20 messages a day that are offensive, have porn, etc that are in the Junk Folder. Is there a way to block by server of messages that were trained as spam, or subject line so I don’t have to look at them? They are moved to Trash the next day, but those messages I have to manually delete. I had rules before in the Mail program that were by subject, return-path, etc.

Your help is appreciated



You can use the Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least setting along with the blocklist to make the more spammy messages go directly to the Trash instead of Junk. By default, SpamSieve creates blocklist rules for senders that you train, but you can also make your own rules on SpamSieve’s blocklist based on the subject or return-path if you want.

Thank you, I will try the spam score in addition to re-enabling my subject, return-path rules.