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Blocking specific top level domains

The vast bulk of the messages SpamSieve throws up to me for to check whether they’re really spam or not (i.e. they’re on the borderline of uncertainty) are coming to me from specific top level domains (.us; .bid & .icu). I have never received a valid piece of correspondence from any of these three top domains.

Is there a way of telling SpamSieve to definitely treat all incoming messages from these specific top level domains as spam?

I presume there are some top level domain registration vendors in the USA who are selling vast quantities of domains under their administration, to spammers.

I know exactly the moment I fell foul of these people a few years ago when I inadvertently sought product advice from a party in the US who must have either on-sold, or was otherwise compromised and released, my address to a US based spam list.

SpamSieve is doing a great job removing the bulk of them but there is still an annoying torrent getting through that are on the borderline.

Yes, you could go to SpamSieve’s Blocklist window and make a few rules like:

From (address) Ends With .us

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your response. Yes I discovered that option almost immediately after I posted my original query, only I could not respond to advise that, as at that point I was still under embargo as a ‘newbie’ on this forum.