Blocklist question... Address is good

Hi-I just updated my SpamSieve to 3.0.1. I was exploring SpamSieve a bit and found an address in my Blocklist that is good. How do I correct this? I am pretty sure that I didn’t see it as I would have trained it as Good if I had.
I am on Sonoma using a 2020 M1 MBP.
Based on this should I be checking my Blocklist on a regular basis?
Thank you! Judy

It’s not necessary to check the Blocklist window. You can just check the Junk mailbox regularly and train any good messages there as good.

SpamSieve does not add blocklist rules through auto-training, so normally the only way an address would be there is if you had:

  • created the rule yourself; or
  • manually imported a file containing that address; or
  • trained a message from that address as spam

In that last case, it’s best if you can find that message (either in the mail client or in SpamSieve’s Corpus window) and train it as good. If you can’t find it, you should uncheck the blocklist rule to disable it (don’t delete it).

Thank you! I found the message and changed it to Train as Good. Thanks for all you do.