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Blocklist Rule Not Working

Recently I started using the blocklist rules becuase it’s apparant that spammers continuously change their from addresses.
I’ve been copying some of the subjects and pasting them to the blocklist rule and noticed one email that came in with an address that I had added a rule for.
Why is the rule not working? Any thoughts or tips. I don’t want to waste my time adding rules if they will not work.


The problem is that you are using an Is Equal To rule to match only part of the subject. You should be using Contains or Starts With.

That said, it should not be necessary to manually create lots of blocklist rules. That can be sign that something else is wrong or not set up properly. I suggest sending in a diagnostic report.

That makes sense. The problem is that I get thousands of emails and lots of the good ones get sent to spam before I mark them as being good. I almost need to create rules. Seems like the spammers get smarter and smarter all the time. I’ll check out the dignostic report…

This also makes it sound like there’s a setup problem. The answer is almost never to create lots of rules.