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Blu Ray DVD mounts without disc icon in finder


I recently burned 4 Blu Ray 50 gb discs with DropDMG’s burn feature. I selected full disc image for each disc. Now when I mount the discs they appear on my M1 Mac desktops without any icon. I can see the text name of the disc and can click on it to open the disc and the dmg file is there and functional. I just can’t see a disc image in finder on the desktop. Can you test on your end. I am running OS 11.2.1 on an M1 MacBook Air and M1 Mini. Current version of DropDMG 3.62.


If you see the .dmg file on the mounted Blu-ray, that sounds like you used the Burn disk images as files option for the Burn… command. In that case, there should not be a custom icon for the Blu-ray itself.

If you use the Burn contents of disk images option, the contents of the Blu-ray should match the contents of the .dmg file, and if the mounted .dmg file had a custom icon, the Blu-ray should, too.

I did burn the image. As a follow up:

I am attaching two screen shots.

  1. a folder containing the 3 dmg files I burned to separate discs.
  2. the appearance of the first disc which is named Parallels on the finder. As I noted no image appears appears above the name like the folder image that appears above Action.

How can I be sure in future burns that an image is associated with the disc? It could be the same generic image I see when any dvd is mounted.

I don’t see how you could have used the Burn contents of disk images option because your disk image is ~130 GB in total and too large to fit on a single disc. You would have to put each segment on a separate disk using Burn disk images as files. Then there will be no custom icon.

When you use Burn disk images as files, DropDMG doesn’t do anything with the icon, so you should just get the default generic one from macOS. You can verify that there is no (e.g. transparent) icon file by typing Command-Shift-Period to show invisible files in Finder and opening the mounted Blu-ray to see whether there is an icon file there. If there is in fact no custom icon and Finder is not showing the generic icon, that sounds like a macOS display bug or icon cache issue. Your burned disc is probably fine, though.


I did some more searching. Turns out this is a common finding with blu-ray disks and drives not showing icons in Big Sur desktop. Some threads are monitoring but no resolution. It is definitely not DropDMG.

Thanks for your replies. Helpful and your right all my disks read and the content is what I expect. The missing icon is just an inconvenience.

I find a number of threads through searching the following on google:

Blue Ray Disk Icon Missing on Desktop


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