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Bluetooth issues

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is a tooth fairy issue. I am using a MacBook Air and have a JBL Tune500BT Headphone connected. I also have a Pixel3a that is usually also connected to the headphones (Dual Mode).

I often have the problem, when using Zoom or MS Teams, that I don’t have audio at all, Noone can here me either although the Settings says it is connected. I then usually turn my mobile Bluetooth off and connect it again. Pretty annoying. Often times the audio on Mac is reverted to only the right channel in the Mac settings.

Has anybody ever hear about this issue? Does anybody know how to deal with it? Is this a Toothfairy issue, a Mac issue or a Bluetooth issue? Any ideas?

You can tell whether it’s related to ToothFairy by whether it helps if you quit the ToothFairy app.