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Body of email can't be typed into, etc...

SS 2.6.4 on MAIL.app Version 2.1 (752/752.2)

I have 4 days left to purchase your fine product.

I wanted to because it seems like a robust application.

However now I can’t “Forward” a message, I can’t “Reply” or “Reply All”…

They all come up as blank emails with no text carried forward?!?!?!

In addition the pull down menu for my “Account” selection is also depopulated.

If I customize the message fields and toggle the “Account” menu off and back on it repopulates all my accounts just fine.


I can’t select with my mouse or “TAB” into the Text Body of the email to type.

This is also true with new messages.

“WHY” he cried out in frustration leaning towards rage?

I even tried to cheat my way in with the “Append Selected Messages” option but to no avail.

Here is where you hopefully earn my lifelong devotion and hard earned cash…

These problems are not caused by SpamSieve.

To troubleshoot, first I’d try restarting your Mac. Do you have any Mail bundles installed besides the SpamSieve one? Check the folders:


You could also try using Disk Utility to repair your disk and its permissions.