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Bookmark Import Aborted - How to Re-import


I have approx. 4000 bookmarks as an html-file. When I imported them into Eaglefiler, the verification worked quite well and, of course, took a lot of time. However, at one point my internet connection failed, and Eaglefiler went on verifying the URLs. The result was Eaglefiler telling me that a lot of regular URLs could not be found.

My first question, then, would be this: Is there some way to pause the import process and start it again, once the internet connection is working again?

So, after half of the bookmarks had already been imported, I aborted the import. Then deleted all the already imported bookmarks, so I could start afresh. Yet somehow Eaglefiler seems to remember these bookmarks. Now every time I try again to import the html-file (or another, newly generated html-file with the same contents) Eaglefiler tells me that the bookmarks are already in the library.

My second question is: How can I re-import a file when the original import was aborted halfway through?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

There’s no way to pause (other than by sleeping your Mac), but you should be able to stop it, import the same file again at a later date, and have it automatically skip the ones that had already been imported.

I’ve not seen this problem before. Which Web page format do you have selected in the preferences? Were the deleted ones in the trash? Or had you already emptied the trash? Could you tell me exactly what the error says?

In the preferences, the selection is ‘web archive’. However, it is working now - and I think my mistake was that I only deleted the bookmark file that was visible in the sidebar (deleted it, found it in the trash and emptied the trash).

After I posted here, I clicked on “records” and I found that, in the records list, the bookmark file was still there (although it was not visible in the sidebar). I deleted it in the records list, and now the import is working again.

Thanks for the quick reply. Eaglefiler is a great app!