Bouncing SpamSieve icon in Dock

Since updating to Mac OS 14.1 Sonoma. Every time I open Apple Mail I am greeted with a bouncing Spamsieve 3.0.1. icon in Dock.

I click on the icon and it opens Settings > Filters.

What is it trying to tell me? V.strange?

Any ideas?

Roy P

It bounces when the app is launching. Are you saying that it keeps bouncing until you click it?

Clicking the Dock icon opens the Settings window. That doesn’t mean it is trying to tell you something in that window.

Normally, it would only keep bouncing if you receive a good message and have the Notification settings Bounce Dock icon and Keep bouncing enabled. You can see whether this is the case by checking the Log window for new messages.

It will also bounce if it’s trying to tell you something, in which case clicking it will show an alert window with an error message.

Michael. My humble apologies. Once again I have wasted your time! I did not see the options in the ‘Settings’ ‘Notifications’ page. I only looked in the Safari ‘General’ options.

All is clear now. Thank you.

Roy P

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