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Brand new-trouble getting started

Yes, I have checked the manual. I thought I was doing well and then I evidently did libraries wrong and it all fell apart. I took the remaining files that were not lost and put them into a separate file in documents (not under EagleFiler) and then I deleted EagleFiler and, using the dmg file which I had not yet moved, downloaded the application. But when I opened it I got the same stuff I has before and I want to start all over.

This time after I deleted I also deleted the dmg file and empties the trash. Then I did another download but when I opened EagleFiler everything was still there.

(1). How can I do a totally fresh install and get rid of what I had. Is the problem that there is still a link in Documents even though all is in a different file?
(2) Any thought on setting up multiple libraries would be helpful. Think what I did that was wrong was use Finder.
(3). When I was trying to import/add things I kept getting the no libraries open and the small popup did not contain the new libraries I had set up. I also now see there is a preference to keep libraries open.

Thanks, Cathie

You keep deleting the EagleFiler app itself, but that won’t change anything because your data is stored elsewhere.

You could look at the list of files to back up and delete them after quitting the app. The only “link” that EagleFiler maintains is that it remembers the libraries that you had recently opened. If you don’t want it to do this, you can delete the libraries in question or choose File > Open Recent > Clear Menu.

It’s not clear to me what you did before or what your goal is. You can create new libraries and import files into them using EagleFiler itself; it’s not necessary to use Finder (although that can also work, if you know what you’re doing).

Still not able to open with pop clip if a library is not open. I go to the library and open but am unsure of next action. I tried import w/o success. I’ll go back and reread manual on this part.

On my Mac, if I have a library open in EagleFiler and I quit EagleFiler (without closing the library), when I use PopClip it will launch EagleFiler, open the library, and import into it.

If no library was open when you quit EagleFiler, invoking PopClip will launch EagleFiler and show an “Import” window that asks you to open a library. You can open the library by double-clicking it in Finder or by choosing File > Open Recent. Once the library window is open you can click the Import button to complete the import with that library.

Also will check about making an inbox library (a la Devonthink so I can import anything and then move if it is easy to move from one library to another.

You can copy records from one library to another via drag-and-drop between the two EagleFiler windows. To do a “move” you would then delete the selected records from the source library after the import into the other one has completed.