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Broken System Log on M1 Macs

In some cases, particularly on Macs with Apple Silicon, macOS reports an error when exporting the system log, and as a result the log is not included in the diagnostic report that SpamSieve saves.

It may help to reboot the Mac or to clear the log entering this command:

log erase --all

in Terminal and then save the diagnostic report again.

Alternatively, you can look up the relevant log entries yourself:

  1. Open the Console app.
  2. Select the name of your Mac at the top-left.
  3. Enter MJTLog in the search field at the top-right. This will filter the log to only show entries generated by SpamSieve (and its various components) and other C-Command apps. You could instead enter Mail or SpamSieve to show system log entries related to those apps, although the number of log entries may be overwhelming.
  4. Click the Stream button.
  5. Perform the action in Mail or SpamSieve that triggers the problem (e.g. train the message).
  6. Select the log entries in Console and Copy/Paste them into an e-mail.