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Bug Report: Importing from iPhone

Importing from iPhone doesn’t importing into the right folder. It goes to the root folder.

To duplicate the issue

  1. Make a folder
  2. Select that new folder
  3. File > Import from iPhone > Scan Documents
  4. Scan from iPhone, Save.

File doesn’t appear in new folder. It’s in Root folder.

macOS 12.6, EagleFiler 1.9.9, M1 iMac, iPhone 13 mini, iOS 16.0.3

If doing it from Finder, it behaves as normal.

I’m considering adding an option to control this, but currently this is the expected behavior. All imports target the root folder (so they end up in Unfiled) unless you specifically drag into a different folder or use the Options dialog. Currently there is no way to retarget the Import from iPhone commands.

Got it … I would preferred the Unfiled route. I’ll just go there and do my filing. :slightly_smiling_face: