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Bug Report

I am new to SpamSieve and found the following bug.

I subscribe to a Yahoo group. When I receive my mail (from my ISP via POP), a rule directs mail from this Yahoo group into a dedicated folder.

SpamSieve believes mail from this group is spam, so it sends it to the Spam folder before my rule sends it to the dedicated folder. No problem – this is part of the training. So I select the emails and choose “Train as Good.” SpamSieve dutifully moves the email back to the inbox.

Now here is the bug.

When moving the mail message back to the inbox, SpamSieve is moving the message to my MobileMe inbox, rather than my ISP inbox (from where they came).


Which version of Mac OS X and which mail program are you using?

10.6.8 and Apple Mail.

Apple Mail has an issue in that it doesn’t remember which account a message came to. SpamSieve tries to figure it out, e.g. by matching the message’s “To” and other headers against the account addresses that you’ve listed in Mail’s preferences. This works better under 10.7 and than 10.6. For bulk messages, sometime’s there’s nothing in the message to indicate which account it was sent to. If it can’t find a match, SpamSieve chooses the first account (as listed in the preferences); you can drag and drop to change which this is.