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bug: self-erasing text fields

I’ve a problem when entering text in some of the dialog boxes in EF. While I’m still entering text, suddenly everything that I’ve written is marked (like someone used my mouse to click’n’mark the text) and then deleted.

For example, if I want to name a new file “test file one”. I start typing, get to “test fi” when everything is marked then deleted. If I don’t am aware it happened, it means I end up with the title “le one”.

This happens when creating a new rtf-file and while entering filename and title. It also happens when I try to change the title or note in the inspector. And perhaps in some other dialogs as well, but these are the ones I remember right now.

Anyone else seeing this?


This is a known bug that can affect the text fields in the inspector, as well as table cells, if you are in the middle of editing the text when the library is changed in the background (e.g. as a result of a file that just finished importing). I’m working on a fix. I’m pretty sure that editing notes does not have this problem, but please let me know if you’re sure that you see it in that case.

I just tried to add a new rtf-file without having an import or something else going on in the background (to my knowledge, that is). I still got this behavior.

About the notes, I’ll let you know.

Well, creating a new RTF file will cause it to be indexed, so if the timing is wrong it could trigger this problem.

But as it is now, it is almost impossible to finish entering the filename before it’s erased. Can’t wait until you’ve got a fix for it. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve run into this problem a lot. When I import a file from a web page, for example, it usually has the wrong title, and I want to edit it. But when I try to edit, it gets wiped out.

Wouldn’t it be possible to delay re-indexing and other background work for 10 seconds or so? Right now, the instant re-indexing, even for tiny changes, makes EF seem unresponsive in interactive work. (Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but that’s my impression.)

Yes, delaying indexing for a while longer would probably help the responsiveness.

I just found out that the same problem can occur when you add a new tag.

I’m aware that it’s a general problem with editing in text fields/cells; there’s no need to report more places where you see it.

I believe this is fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.2.